Mobilize Design and Architecture, LLC, is a partnership of Jamil Ford and David Witt. The mission of Mobilize Design and Architecture, a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is to provide architectural, design, community engagement and planning services to diverse communities, with a firm that represents the diversity found in the communities we serve. Our firm was founded in North Minneapolis to reach out to non-profit and for-profit groups working in this community and beyond to provide opportunities for economic growth. We are founded on the six P’s; Plan, Prepare, Persistence, Perform, Paid and Pay it Forward. Understanding our 6 P’s, we plan on executing our goals through our talent, dedication, respect for others, delivering services on time and satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations will allow us to reach many communities and projects.

Our design philosophy is the architect acts as the translator. Our job is to listen to our clients, building users or the community and engage them in meaningful dialogue so that we can understand their goals, dreams, wishes and requirements. We take this information thoughtfully gathered from the client and others, and translate it into the language of Architecture. This way the final design will an architectural statement of the client’s, building user & communities vision.